Monday, January 16, 2006

It's boring but...UofT

Okay, I realize how boring it sounds to say that my favorite part of Toronto is UofT but hear me out! I love that the campus blends in with the character of the streets around it: Bloor, College, Yonge and so on. Toronto has such a great vibe, a buzz that's always going and I feel like UofT is right in the heart of it. You can walk to Kensington from here (which is another of my favorite streets) or to Bloor (if you've got money). The ROM is right across the street and the AGO isn't too far away. Being at school in the heart of downtown has an environment of energy and excitement, of people learning about so many different things - it's like a current constantly moving past you. All the different thoughts, ideas, perspectives, styles, lifestyles, potentials collide at our campus and I love walking past all the different buildings and thinking about the connection between them, if any. Completely different areas of study convening in one location with the buzz, the undercurrent of young and exciting city: a little cheesy maybe but I still love it.


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