Thursday, January 19, 2006

The path to hidden treasure

I love that everyone discovers Baldwin Street in the same way! Reading the previous blog (My not-so-secret spot) was like déjà vu because I had the exact same “finding a hidden treasure” experience back in 1998. My favourite street however, is Henry, the short street in between College and Baldwin that intersects it right in the middle of all the restaurants. I lived there from 2001-2003 and loved the feeling of being right in the heart of downtown but with such a residential atmosphere and with nice old trees. (Not to mention our killer patio). But the real reason for my affinity for Henry is the history. The Russian Orthodox Church halfway down the street at number 23 used to be the Beth Jacob Synagogue and my grandparents were married there in 1932. My great aunt also lived in the house that is now a restaurant on the north east corner of Henry and Baldwin from the 1920s to the 40s. I love when history comes full circle.


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