Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Queen and Logan

I have passed the intersection of Queen (E) and Logan on the westbound Queen streetcar a million times and never really noticed it. It looks like a pretty dumpy place because of the abandoned store fronts. On one corner there's the TD, on another there's an old pharmacy, on the third there's a coffee shop with no sign and the forth corner is abandoned. The area stands out because it is truly unremarkable. Farther east is the beaches, nearer east is a strip of antique stores. Just west is Broadview with Jilly's as the remarkable spot. Queen and Logan is between these memorable places. Everyone is a regular in the area, and although it is a bit dangerous and looks it people are friendly and at ease. The area does not appear conscious of itself and that characteristic is very appealing because I come from the Beaches (if you've seen those signs in Toronto that have the area name above the street name -Queen and Logan is in Leslieville- you'll be interested to know that the reason why the beaches didn't have them for a long time was because the old residents call it 'The Beach' and the new residents call it 'The Beaches' and what would be posted on the sign couldn't be agreed upon).


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