Sunday, January 22, 2006

Queen's Park

Ok, so it's not exactly an intersection, but it is one of my favourite places in toronto.
It's like a little forest in the middle of the city. In the fall, I love how all the leaves turn red, orange, yellow, gold, and all colors in between. Then, as the weather gets chilly, you can see all the students bundled up, bracing themselves against the cold, as they try to get to the other side of campus in time for their class. The park gets covered in a layer of white, and it actually stays white for a while, because of the lack of cars. And of course, Queen's Prk is always cheerful in the spring. The snow melts away, and you can see nature gearing up for the new beginning.
I've lived in cities all my life, so I can definately appreciate the hustle and bustle of Toronto city streets. However, it is kind of magic-- such a quiet, nature filled space in the centre of all the old and new of Toronto. North-east, you can walk straight into the classy Yorkville. Choose north-west, and you find yourself in the busy annex, where you can always find something to your taste. South-east will take you to the younge-dundas area, what I call the "typical city" part of Toronto ("overstimulation" is a very appropriate description, as Sofie wrote--she called it the "consumerist temple"). South will take you to Queen's Street, the entertainment district, and eventually to the Beaches. Chinatown and Kensington market can be found by walking south-west past the U of T campus. The ROM and the AGO, and many small galleries are only minutes away.
In short, anything you could wish for in a city is only a stone's throw away from this man-made, nature-wonderland at the centre of the metropolis.


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