Monday, January 23, 2006

Years Gone By...

Before taking ANT347, I never really thought about streets and intersections very much. However, my drive to school last week prompted me to think about an intersection that I go through everyday in order for me to get to school. It is also an intersection that reminds me of my youth; the intersection is Queen St. W. and Peter St. This intersection brings back my youth due to the numerous times I drive through it in order to find a "parking" spot for going clubbing on the weekends when I was younger. I mean "parking" because before the condos went up on Queen and Beverley, there use to be an open space there that actually had a parking lot. However, because it was so unorganized and lightly unattended to, my friends and I would sneak into the lot and park in the corner or alley, taking our chances of getting a free parking space or getting ticketed.

Queen St. and Peter St. also causes me to reflect about my youth because of the clubs that I use to go to nearby. At first it was Plastique, then it was This is London, then Budo, then Distrikt, and then I just got too old. The intersection was also interesting because of the mural that is displayed on the side of the home made soap shop facing somewhat adjacent to Peter Street. I only consciously realized that the mural has changed numerous times over the years and paused and reflected while stopped at a red light. However, because it is used for advertisement now you don't get to see the "interesting" displays anymore.

Another interesting aspect that I consciously realized last week was the designing of the tree stump that also faces Peter Street. The tree is always designed and draws a lot of attention to it. Throughout the year, there are always street vendors operating along the side-walk near it, perhaps more so in the summer. This tree also reminded me of my youth due to the hotdog vendor that would always be working next to it during my clubbing weekends. My friends and I would always get a snack after going to clubs there, so the tree does bring back a lot of fond memories.

So, Queen St. W. and Peter St. is a very interesting intersection for me because it brings back a lot of good memories from my youth. Despite the developments in that area, there are some things that still manage to persist throughout all these years.


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