Saturday, February 11, 2006

Brasilia 2006

After going over the recent readings it interested me to see what Brasilia was like today, since the articles we have read are a bit out of date. Heading over to the 'soft source' of Wikipedia gave me some good updates on what the city is like today. I won't go over it all since its contained on the website but there are a few interesting facts to note. Today the population is 2.2 million (from the originally planned 500 thousand). The city has expanded into the outlying areas, although as you can see on this google map, most of the outlying regions adhere to the "Master Plan." Perhaps the most interesting updates are that the attached district of Ceilândia was created to alleviate the problems of massive amounts of shanty's that were built soon after the new capital was created. Also of interest is Planaltina which has grown "haphazardly" over recent years, deviating away from the original modernist plans as homes for new migrants are created.


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