Thursday, February 02, 2006


The lecture today (Feb. 2/06) about discourse really makes an important point about the role of discourse in society. With regards to the comments during class, I feel that newspapers are a very imporant form of narrative that constructs a lot of the public perceptions. Because of the availability of newspapers today (there is a newspaper box everywhere you go) and the fact that many people rely on such a media to inform them about their society and the world, newspapers have the greatest power. Although television can be argued to have a more profound affect, the newspaper is more easily accessed (not many people have tv's and/or cable, but a TTC subway ride will give them the free Metro). Additionally, Teresa Caldeira's argument that narrative can help violence circulate and proliferate makes the impact of newspapers even more problematic. Think of the pictures in newspapers today. How is crime portrayed? Violence? This has inevitably resulted in many critics contesting the validity of certain newspapers.


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