Monday, February 13, 2006

Soundwalking the City: SOUNDS OF A BRIGHT DAY

A soundwalk requires a certain kind of focus in order to absorb a variety of sound. The object is to intake all the surrounding noise, while repressing the analytical brain. While thoughts and reactions occur naturally, instead of considering the meaning, the idea is to allow the thoughts to run through the mind, without pause to ponder them. Instead of indulging an internal dialogue on unrelated events to be distracting, the soundwalker is constantly looking forward to new sounds, and their various textures, forms and pitches, that create a narrative.

When I can make all this happen, I feel like I’m watching a movie that I’m in. Using my sight and hearing, I try to submerge myself into my surroundings, and feel like I’m floating as I walk. On a bright sunny day in Yorkville, the colours are so vivid I think I could be in a Hollywood blockbuster. The sounds of cars whizzing pass are punctuated by the sight of shiny rims – BMWs - speeding through and past my gaze. A continuous whine by a middle-aged man across the street calls out for money. Fur, straight white teeth, beautiful skin, leather gloves, and heels click by. No one stops for him. They continue on. Straight ahead.


Anonymous bella said...

lovely description

3/14/2006 11:16 AM  

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