Sunday, March 12, 2006

Coordinated Street Furniture

"The sidewalks are where people become Torontonians. The public realm allows us to come together as citizens, residents, and visitors to enjoy, discover and appreciate this wonderful city. The Coordinated Street Furniture program will not only improve, but elevate and celebrate Toronto's urban beauty."
- Mayor David Miller

I was going over the internet and found this interesting website. It talks about Toronto's public realm and sidewalks. Over the past decade, a number of new street furniture elements have been added onto Toronto’s streetscape. Some items such as the Post and Ring Bike Stand, have been individual successes. However all of these pieces, including transit shelters, waste/recycling bins, benches and phone booths have been designed as separate elements. Publication vending boxes have also grown in number and vie for space and prominence with other street furniture on the public sidewalk. Check out the rest of the article on


Blogger Christine said...

While doing research for the flaneur assignment, I came across the streetscape manual on how to "decorate" Toronto streets. It was incredibuly detailed in delineating exactly how wide sidewalks are and what kind of streetlamp goes with what kind of street. It was also interesting in the way different parts of the city was divided to follow a particular "style" of decoration based on functional and geographical reasons.

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