Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Flaneur: Light Posts

Light Posts

I stopped to look carefully at a light post, it did not matter which post I chose, because each had a multitude of information on it. Many of the advertisements were colourful and catchy, all taped haphazardly upon one another. Upcoming musical performances, art shows, essay experts, the vagina monologues, a lost cat—such variety and diversity. One light post exudes so much of what the city is. There is so much freedom, choice and opportunity available within the excitement of the city. A multitude of activities are available to participate in and so many specialized groups are around to be joined. This light post reinforces what Parks says that “every individual finds somewhere among the varied manifestations of the city life the sort of environment in which he expands and feels at ease; finds in short, the moral climate in which his peculiar nature obtains the stimulation that brings his innate dispositions to full and free expression.” (Parks 2005, 32) This post says something else as well; it speaks to the individualistic attitude of the city. When these signs are being put up, there is a lack of regard for the ads being covered up below; the attitude seems to be as long as people see their sign, who cares about those below.


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