Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Hey y'all...there is a forum happening about the waterfront and power or something. Now I'm not really as into the waterfront development scene as some of you may be...BUT I do recall there being really lively interesting debates at the last forum I went to with super belligerent people yelling questions into the mic (which was hilarious) AND there was free coffee and cookies afterwards AND at the reception someone did a card trick for us...it was a pretty crappy trick though.

Anyways here is the info for anyone interested:

"Generating Controversy on the Waterfront
Wednesday April 12, 7:30-9:30 pm
Free public forum St. Lawrence Centre Forum 27 Front Street

East Ontario is moving forward on a gas-fired power plant in the Portlands. Proponents of the 550 megawatt plant say it is necessary to produce new energy downtown to ensure a stable transition from coal-fired electricity. Opponents say it will jeopardize waterfront redevelopment and continue Ontario down the wrong energy path. They are calling for a smaller plant coupled with more aggressive conservation and renewable energy projects. Should we focus on producing more energy or on reducing demand on the electricity grid? Should a power plant be located on the waterfront? Have we run out of time for debating best options?

Councillor Paula Fletcher: City representative for Toronto-Danforth and proponent of the Community 10-point plan.
Jack Gibbons: Chair, The Ontario Clean Air Alliance
Greg Allen: President, Sustainable Edge
Other panelists to be announced.
Invitations are outstanding to: the Ontario Government and Ontario Power Generation. Moderator: Adrian Harewood: freelance broadcast journalist, seen and heard as host on various Toronto programs including Metro Morning and counterSpin."


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you put ZING! in your title...I'm there!

4/07/2006 4:07 PM  

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