Sunday, March 05, 2006

I heart Parliament

hey remember when we were all saying our favorite intersections how fun that was? Man that was sooooo fun. Anyways, I just figured out how to post and I had posted my favorite intersection on my own blog before. blablabla. here it is.

" My favorite area is that surrounding Parliament and Carlton. I was reading the "Vice guide to Toronto" and under "East of Yonge" it said something like "nothing really happens here...sorry East of Yonge" which is actually sort of why I like it.I'm originally from Ottawa and if this were an I.Q. test the question would say East of Yonge: Downtown Toronto as Ottawa: Toronto. Small and humble and homey and also poorer for the most part. Though I still feel like I am in Toronto here I don't feel like I am in TORONTO.The other Ottawa connection is that the street itself really reminds me of the main street in my Ottawa neighbourhood, Bank st. , where I loitered away my youth. Demographically it is similar, the overall atmosphere is NDP though Liberals won the riding. There is Jet Fuel cofee shop where bike couriers go, organic food shops, Daniel & Daniel gourmet catering and bakery, vintage clothing shops, a bike repair shop and a No Frills. Thus, it is very suited to my consumption patterns which is a large factor in deciding where I like to hang out.The End."


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