Thursday, March 02, 2006

new york hack

Blogs have become a fairly recent online phenomenon; people can read about other people’s experiences from any part of the world instantaneously, as soon as it is posted. I saw a news clip on a female taxi driver (in NYC) who posts daily blogs about her experiences at work. I think taxi drivers are the ultimate participant observants in a big city because they are out and about in the city about 10-12 hours a day driving around different people to many different places. She offers an even more unique perspective being a female of which there are 147 females out of 42,000 taxi drivers in total (in NYC).
Although she focuses more on the diverse and interesting people in the city as opposed to the actual city itself (how we talk about it in class), her blog makes for a very interesting read.


Blogger Barker said...

Thanks for this link. Taxi drivers can indeed be great participant observers. It's a fantastic site.

3/04/2006 2:33 PM  

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