Sunday, April 02, 2006

a bomb in the city?

As we wait to hear more details on the cause of what happed, here are some images I captured from the Yonge/Bloor scene.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

very interesting - terrorism in canada? is this a real possibility?

although there is no apparent link between terrorism and the "fire" accident, as the press labels it as such, i think the perception of the general population is not ready for such things. it's an important issue to discuss. it is also surprising to see how Canadians, in general, don't know that Canada has been "blacklisted" by Osama Bin Laden. Canada isn't the lovey-dovey peacekeeping country we claim to be. All the other countries that have been targeted have already been hit. canada could very well be a victim of a terrorist attack.

the press

4/07/2006 11:25 PM  

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