Sunday, April 09, 2006

College and Yonge

Better late than never right?

At the beginning of the course I wrote my favourite intersection as College and University, but after a while I realized College and Yonge was actually my favourite. There are a lot of different things I like about this intersection. Growing up in the suburbs I had never walked along the streets of downtown Toronto. It wasn't until 3 years ago I got the chance during the music festival held along Yonge Street during the summer, and having walked from Eglinton to College nonstop, the intersection of College and Yonge was the first place my friends and I stopped to finally relax and eat. It's not a big intersection, nor is it small, but in my opinion it holds Toronto's best kept secrets.

On the northwest side is a restaurant called Fran's. It's the place my friends and I ate after that long walk down Yonge and to this day it remains my favourite place to eat. There's great food, great atmosphere and they even have a jukebox!

Just across the street on the southwest side of the intersection is College Park. Aside from the fact this building itself used to be the main Eatons store until the Eatons Centre opened, another great thing about it is its top floor where the Carlu is. Not many people know that it even exists there (I didn't know until I studied it in my architecture class), but the Carlu is a special historical site in Toronto that has recently been restored back to its original 1930s state. Its Art Moderne architectural details are worth seeing if you ever have the chance to see it. I don't know how to post pictures, but you can see it on their main website

So although this intersection may seem like nothing special at first glance, there are Toronto's best kept secrets here, and that's why its my favourite!


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