Sunday, April 09, 2006

Countries of Walls

Tighter border controls, increasing coastal patrols, and mass arrests to keep African migrants from reaching Spain. Tough new immigration laws and the proposal of a border fence to control Mexican migrants in the USA.

These are just a few of the measures developed countries are employing to keep out and penalize the "illegal" immigrants who are fleeing to these countries in droves to pursue new opportunities and escape lives of poverty.

However, it looks as though illegal immigrants/workers are no longer willing to take this treatment and mass rallies have recently been staged across the USA. More than 500,000 protestors marched in Los Angeles
and Dallas and these are probably just signs of what’s to come.

I find these examples disturbing since they show that as barriers are constructed and discriminatory policies are suggested, fortified enclaves are being created – not just in cities anymore but to enclose and protect entire nations.


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