Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Elite Culture...

I recently noticed that there is a gated community near where I live in Brampton. The area where I live is north of Brampton, where many of the houses occupy land adjacent to farms and open fields. My family and I moved into our new neighborhood about a year ago.
The gated area, know as "Rosedale Village", is completely surrounded by tall walls and the only entrance to the community of houses is through a very secured gate. The entrance appears as though you are entering a very important establishment, almost like a government facility, due to the large security complex at the end of the long driveway leading into the community.
Near the Rosedale Village are homes that were built around a man-made lake. The lake was created by the builder to create the feel of living "on-the-lake". I found this and in addition to the village setting very interesting. Many of builders in the area seem to be competing with each other to produce an aura of prestige associated with their homes in order to entice the potential home purchasers to buy from the builder (there are many builders in the area vying for purchasers). They are trying to create an elite culture that is evident from the names of these new subdivisions such as; "Lakeview Manor", "Garden Estates", "Turnberry Gardens", and the aforementioned "Rosedale Village".


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