Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Barquisiemento non-place


I don`t know if you guys have talked about this yet but I had my most intense non-place (or is it non-space?) experience today. I was duped by some scoundrel into coming to this city in Venezuela which is NOT in my rough guide and thus is clearly impossible for me to imagine. I walked around for a few hours but everyone who talked to me told me I should just wait at the bus station because this city is dangerous. So I have been here for ten hours. There is an unending stream of crazy people talking to me in Spanish while I stare at them blankly. So not only am I in a city which I can`t conceptualize I am in a bus station which is also non-place talking to people who are non-part of society! woaaaaaahh! totally extreme!!!!!!!!! Im tired and scared.

love Marie


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