Friday, January 13, 2006

Baldwin Street

Although it is hard to say which intersection/street is my favourite in Toronto, I can say confidently that Baldwin Street nears the top of the list. Tucked among the residential neighborhoods south of campus, it was initially surprising to come upon. Populated by restaurants serving foods to please any appetite and from multiplicities of ethnic backgrounds, I enjoy the fact that the buildings are all nestled closely one next to another. Almost like an image of Toronto itself - a miniature 'mosaic of enclaves', self-contained, unique. Of course, I can't write about Baldwin Street without mentioning my choice of restaurant: Vegetarian Haven. Being a vegetarian, I enjoy being able to bring my 'non-veg' friends to a vegan restaurant - and the cheesecake is enough to make Baldwin Street one of my favourites.


Blogger Barker said...

I've heard that the businesses on Baldwin St. were mostly started by American draft dodgers in the 1960s. Does anyone or their parents know about this?

1/14/2006 9:04 PM  
Blogger naomi said...

I'm looking into it... my sources may be a bit too old though

1/19/2006 12:59 AM  

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