Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Share your story: [murmur] takes over Hart House

[murmur] is coming to Hart House! Members of the Hart House staff are currently collecting stories from the university community for a [murmur] installation, which should be in operation by March 15th. If you recall, [murmur] is the location-based cell phone documentary project spearheaded by last month's guest speaker, Shawn Micallef, and others. The Hart House press release describes it aptly as an "archival audio project". So think back to all your fondest Hart House memories and e-mail them to co-ordinator Jenifer Newcombe. This seems particularly timely, considering that the Arbor Room is set to close this year...perhaps some poignant Arbor Room stories will add strength to the petition that has been circulating to save it!


Anonymous Zach Slootsky said...

see our cover story on this at the newspaper! Not on the web yet so pick up you copy on the racks.


2/10/2006 11:08 PM  

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