Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Disaster Entrpreneurs in New Orleans

More on the globalization of urban destruction and reconstruction: “When I landed at the airport, I overheard two people talking who saw the hurricane as an opportunity. They were disaster entrepreneurs,” says Aguilar. “Then I get to the city, and it’s crazy.” In these Times has an article on the tensions emerging in New Orleans between "disaster entrepreneurs" and undocumented day labourers. Many of the latter are from Mexico and Central America, and it is they who are doing the dirty work of destruction and reconstruction, while camping out under bridges and in exhorbitantly priced tent parks. Are these tensions not merely a more extreme example of the kind of class tensions that Sassen associates with the globalized economy?


Blogger HAN said...

The disaster entrepeneurs in New Orleans are inevitable due to the social class structure that persists throughout every society. People want to become rich and will value monetary gains over their morality and ethics. Exploitation by these people to enhance their economic well-being strengthens the globalized economy. We live in a society in which the right decision is not based on the future but, rather, on the immediate rewards. The social hierarchy exacerbates the problem because it causes people to desire more and more and are relentless in their persuit. Not even the catastrophic events in the last couple of years are a deterrent for people to abandon such futile "rewards" and instead focus on the global and, more importantly, human future.

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