Sunday, April 16, 2006

Metropolis Alumnus on Miller's Vision for Toronto

Although Mayor Miller's performance at the recent Keith Davey Lecture was somewhat lacklustre, there was one point that he drove home very effectively. Torontoians must learn to see their city as having its own unique identity and they should see their university as being equally unique. Toronto should not be seen as 'New York run by the Swiss' and the University of Toronto should no longer strive to be a Harvard of the north. Neither Toronto nor the U of T are copies of other places: they have their own identities and their own power.

Miller's vision of how Toronto can realize this potential--and the steps it has already taken to do so--is now available to the public on a website called Building a Great City. On his blog Wholesome Goodness, Metropolis 347 alumnus and long-time blogger Sameer Vasta (2005) provides a very useful summary of the main points of Miller's report and offers some insights into where the city should go from here.


Blogger Vasta said...

I'm flattered by the mention Professor Barker. Thanks. I'm actually working on a post in response to the Toronto Star's What If feature last week on the future vision of Toronto, so stay tuned for that in the upcoming week.

4/21/2006 1:17 AM  

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