Sunday, October 14, 2007

rich/poor divide in world cities

Found this post regarding Extreme Rich-Poor Divides in some of the world's biggest cities very interesting after our discussion on Tuesday about the upper class & "self interest". It is amazing to see such a severe visual juxtaposition of wealth.


Blogger Stacey said...

The physiological rich/poor divide is very interesting and it is something that has reinstituted itself again and again within city landscapes. The slums Engels' described in his "Conditions of the the Working Class" are something that we in the 21st century can also consider. Shanty houses, squatter settlements,and ghettos are found in every city around the globe. Yet it appears on the surface very little is being done. In Toronto for example, we see see constant redevelopment in the city's upper class neighbourhoods, currently in Bloor-Yorkville, yet little is being done to help modernize and improve poorer neighbourhoods. Is this an example of investing more in private interests rather than public? Is this what Engles' was talking about?

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