Thursday, October 03, 2013


I was walking through my former neighbourhood today and I realized that so much construction is now taking place there. A former Polish Community Centre has been levelled and a condo building is being built in it's place. The sign of a former mechanical shop has been taken off, the land has been fenced off and building notices put up. Numerous houses are being renovated as well.
I remember reading that Toronto is the city with the greatest number of condominiums in North America. Why do you think this is? Most of these condo's might be in the central Toronto area.
I remember the Polish Community Centre hosting community sidewalk fairs where you could try Polish food and see Polish folk dancing. I remember my father visiting the mechanical shop numerous times.
There used to be an association between people in this neighbourhood across horizontal space  - now community space seems to have become remodelled vertically.
What is foregrounded and what is obscured when our vision becomes orientated upwards?


Blogger Dan said...

Intriguing question. My instinct is that the buildings themselves are pushed further into the foreground and the people living within these buildings become "obscured." When I look around the city, my eyes are often drawn first to the tallest buildings which extend into the sky beyond my comprehension. The people at ground level attract a lot of attention as well but its curious to imagine all that might be going on beyond our view. I think it is this vertical modelling and remodelling that enables the city to grow beyond our ability to make sense of it (as Professor Barker said in one of our earliest lectures this semester).

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