Thursday, November 14, 2013

Toronto Photographers

Really interesting article about young photographers and thrill seekers climbing skyscrapers to capture breathtaking images of the "urban jungle" we call Toronto. I enjoy how the photographer(s) juxtapose the people in the frame and the cityscape itself. The pictures are an intriguing way of viewing the city from a vantage point not native to most urban dwellers. Most of these shots are taken illegally, with the photographer and thrill seekers avoiding security guards. This relates to the idea of the contested city, being that these people are defying the norms and legal system imposed on the system to provide themselves enjoyment and capture their view of Toronto with the use of a lens. These photographs contest the city's legal framework by defying private property rights, something that is instrumental to the neoliberal system. This is even related to this upcoming weeks readings... food for thought! I don't want to delve too deep into my perceptions, I hope you all can produce your own conclusions given the knowledge provided in lecture and in the readings. Enjoy!


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