Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Camille Paglia on Her Love for The Real Housewives! (and New York Times articles)

For those Real Housewives fans in the class, we are in good company! Camille Paglia is also a fan. In the video above, she refers to it as "anthropological" (great news for us!) And below I've linked a rave review that she penned for Bravo, in which she states, "I watch virtually nothing else on TV now, except for occasional documentaries and Turner Classic Movies."

Also, here are the links to the New York Times articles that I mentioned today. The second one is more relevant to Chapter 6 in Zhang's book (Recasting Self-Worth), which we will discuss next week:

"In China, Children of the Rich Learn Class, Minus the Struggle" (NYT, September 22, 2006)

"For Many Chinese Men, No Deed Means No Dates" (NYT, April 14, 2011)


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