Thursday, March 06, 2014

Entertain yourselves, anthropologically

I'm sure you all have a lot on your plate these days, but I wanted to point your attention towards some videos and articles that I have mentioned in class, in case you are in the mood for some anthropological entertainment.

First, "Unsettled: From Tinker to Traveller" - this is the documentary about George and Sharon Gmelch's return to Ireland to reconnect with their research participants, 40 years later:

Second, here is a 2008 Savage Minds post (this is a great anthropology blog, by the way) about The Wire, which makes a case that The Wire is the best ethnographic text on contemporary US society:

Third, here is a recent article from Forbes magazine, about urban development in Kunming, China - the city in which Zhang's book, In Search of Paradise: Middle Class Living in a Chinese Metropolis, is set. A very interesting read, that may help provide some context for Zhang's book:



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